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As the founder and President of Jacob Custom Homes, Jeff Jacob was born and raised in Colorado. Along with his wife and two children.

Jeff’s comes from a long line of Carpenters, whereas his ancestors have been building homes for centuries. Dating back as early as 1813, Jeff’s Great-Great Grandfather François Jacob began building homes in his home country of France. Later in life Jeff’s Great-Great Grandfather migrated to New Orleans, Louisiana to build homes.

Today, the Jacob family is still celebrated for François’ exquisite homes displaying distinctive arched windows and doorways on the corner of Royal Street and Toulouse Street located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.


French Quarter Archways and Arched Windows - New Orleans

Jeff’s extensive knowledge and experience in carpentry was instilled by his father Linden from an early age. Since 1994, Jeff has incorporated his father’s personal touch displaying attention to detail in every project, in which quality and the luxury above others.

Whether Old World, Modern, Contemporary, Mountain Modern, Traditional, Spanish, Tuscan, style; Jacob Custom Homes is here to deliver a spectacular and beautiful home with all the luxuries and quality you deserve.

We, here at Jacob Custom Homes acknowledge when building or remodeling your forever home, a home is a very personal experience. Jeff, along with all employees at Jacob Custom Homes are here to treat each client as family. This includes a hands-on experience along the way!

Spanish Fan Window New Orleans Postcard

In 1813 Jean Francois Jacob introduced the "Spanish Fan Window" to New Orleans architecture when he built this home at 628 Toulouse Street.  Once again, bringing his master craft to New Orleans from his homeland of France, Jean Francois Jacob was a pioneer to early New Orleans homebuilding and commercial structures throughout the city of New Orleans.

This master craft was passed down generations to Jeff Jacob, whom is still building homes in beautiful, Colorado.

Spanish Fan Window New Orleans

Jean Francois Jacob's popular Spanish Fan Window made it on postcards.

Many homes built by Jean Francois Jacob still beautify the New Orleans landscape.

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